To protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, organisations and individuals need to understand the risks that they are exposed to each and every day. Join penetration testers, chief security officers, information security directors and heads of risk and compliance as we explore the global cyber security landscape and work to protect against headless worms, machine-to-machine attacks, jailbreaking, ghostware and two-faced malware. See demonstrations on how hackers are penetrating your systems and what they are doing with your data.

Nigel Phair

Managing Director
Centre for Internet Safety

Professor Sara Smyth

Associate Professor
La Trobe University

Brad Fallen

Senior Adviser Cyber Policy
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

David Campbell

Director, CERT Australia



Director Technology, Security & Strategy, .au Domain Administration


Veronica Scott

Special Counsel
Minter Ellison



FAL Lawyers



Who should attend:

  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Heads and Directors of IT, Cyber Intelligence, Risk and Compliance
  • Penetration Testers
  • Information Security Directors
  • Heads of Risk and compliance

Why Attend:

  1. Learn best practice threat mitigation techniques from leading cyber security practitioners
  2. Insulate your business from cyber-security threats that will emerge with large scale adoption of connected devices
  3. Gain insight into the techniques and backdoors attackers are using to infiltrate your systems
  4. See demonstrations of current and emerging penetration processes
  5. Network with leading security providers, practitioners and penetration testers



Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Chairperson: Jenni Lightowlers, Partner, FAL Lawyers

1:50 | Assessing Australia's Cyber Security Landscape
  • How is the Commonwealth protecting its services from attack?
  • What can we learn from recent high-profile attacks?
  • How can you protect your business and educate your workers?

Brad Fallen, Senior Adviser Cyber Policy | Office of the Cyber Security Special Adviser, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

2:10 | The Enterprise Immune System: Using Machine Learning for Next-Generation of Cyber Defence

  • The implications of the new era of cyber-threats for business networks
  • Why legacy approaches like rules and signatures are proving insufficient on their own
  • How new immune system technologies are imperative for the next generation of cyber-defense
  • Real-world examples of subtle threats that routinely bypass traditional controls

Sanjay Aurora, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Darktrace

2:30 | Considering Cyber Security

  • International Discovery: How are Israel and the United States tackling cyber threats
  • What learnings are there for Australia from our international counterparts
  • Compliance, education and insurance are the cornerstones of cyber risk mitigation

Jenni Lightowlers, Partner, FAL Lawyers

2:50 | The Evolving Business-Government Cyber Security Partnership

  • CERT Australia's role in a dynamic cyber threat environment
  • Raising the cyber security bar - The Australian Government Cyber Security Strategy
  • Partnership in action - Development and implementation of the Joint Cyber Security Centres and national cyber security awareness raising

Mark Branagan, Technical Adviser, CERT Australia

3:10 | Report Analysis: Perspectives on Cyber Risk

  • How is Australia responding to cyber threats?
  • How will Mandatory Data Breach Reporting impact on the approach to security practices?
  • Establishing cyber risk as an enterprise wide concern

Veronica Scott, Special Counsel, Minter Ellison

Afternoon Tea

4:10 | Steps to a Cyber Secure Policy - Risk Mitigation
  • Common threats & spear phishing: How could you be impacted?
  • Threats presented by connected devices - BYOD
  • Top tips for develop an effective cyber security strategy

Professor Sara Smyth, Associate Professor, La Trobe University

4:30 | Aligning Business Priorities with Cyber Protection Measures
  • Determining how good you want to be at cyber security depending upon your risk profile
  • Methods for tackling the myth that security can work on normal expenditure curves
  • Coaching executives and encouraging cyber participation

Nigel Phair, Managing Director, Centre for Internet Safety

4:50 | Meet the Experts Q&A

  • Ask our speakers for further insight into the projects they have discussed

Professor Sara Smyth, Associate Professor, La Trobe University
Nigel Phair, Managing Director, Centre for Internet Safety