This stream focusses on how technology is advancing practices in agriculture and mining. Discover how advances in technology, such as smart devices, robotics, geo-spatial information and satellite based augmentation systems are enabling precision agriculture, smarter mining and ultimately greater yield from investment.

Mark Trotter

Senior Lecturer
Central Queensland University


Sean Starling

Head of Innovation
Research and Development
Meat & Livestock Australia


Kevin Norman

Executive Manager, Institute for Agriculture and Environment



Co-Founder & General Manager, SproutX



Who should attend:

  • C-suite Executives, Technology Leaders and General Managers involved with:
    • Mining & Resources:
      • Mining/Mine Management
      • Fleet Management
      • Energy Management
      • Environmental Management
      • R&D
      • Exploration
    • Agriculture:
    • Agri-Business Companies
    • Agri-Business Investors & Entrepreneurs
    • Agricultural Transport & Logistics
    • Agriculture and Livestock Cooperatives
    • Farmers & Farm Managers
    • Food Companies
    • Retailers, Supermarkets & Chain Store
  • State Government Departments
  • Local Government Land and Catchment Facilitators
  • Surveyors
  • Disaster and Emergency Managers
  • Researchers

Why Attend:

  1. Learn how robotics, automation and sensors are enhancing mining and agriculture practices
  2. Uncover the future of precision agriculture and the effects on the industry
  3. Hear case study and use case analysis for drones and UAVs
  4. Unearth emerging biotechnologies and biosecurity techniques
  5. Meet venders, farmers, miners and researchers who are evolving agriculture


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

2:10 | Open Data, Open Partnerships
  • Unlocking the potential of open data to encourage innovation in the industry
  • Reframing data to draw deeper insights and generate greater economic value
  • Raising industry standards through collaboration and open partnerships

Sean Starling, Head of R&D and Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia

2:30 | Using Vari-Wise Equipment to Enable Prescription Farming
  • What is variable rate technologies?
  • 'Prescription' Farming: The unique application of technologies to customise to your needs
  • How 'Smart' Machinery can be used to dispense different amounts of fertiliser going out (giving exactly what the crop needs) and different amounts of irrigation going out on different areas of the field

Kevin Norman, Executive Manager, Institute for Agriculture and Environment

2:50 | SproutX, Transforming the Agricultural Industry
  • A look at how SproutX will grow the agriculture industry
  • Discuss how SproutX is leveraging AgTech through innovation and collaboration
  • See how SproutX is connecting innovators, investors and the agri-community to stimulate the industry

Sam Trethewey, Co-Founder & CEO, SproutX

3:10 | IoT in Practice: Sensors on Livestock
  • Utilising applied livestock sensors to understand land use patterns
  • Increasing process efficiencies through controlled systems Can you be more detailed?
  • Maximising sensor battery life and reducing costs with advanced solar technology

Mark Trotter, Senior Lecturer, Central Queensland University