Attend this stream to learn how connected devices, smart technology and effective collaboration are driving operational efficiency within cities and improving the quality of life of citizens and visitors. Join leaders from government, transport, construction, town planning, utilities and more as they uncover best practice to develop productive and efficient cities.

Mayor Martin Haese

Lord Mayor, Adelaide City Council



Associate Professor (Transport Engineering) Swinburne University of Technology

Omid Ejtemai

Global Director, Business Development, Transport Simulation Systems


Professor Abbas Rajabifard

Director, Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, University of Melbourne, and Chair UN-GGIM Academic Network


Matt Pope

Founder, Space Connect




Justin Passaportis

General Manager, GoGet





GrowSmarter Coordinator - Head of Department, City of Stockholm




Who should attend:

    From local governments:
  • Mayors
  • Local Government Officials
  • Town Planners
  • Director - Smart Cities
  • Chief Resilience/Technology Officers
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Urban Affairs

  • From transport utilities and construction companies:
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Head of Technology
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Planning & Design
  • Project Managers
  • Chief Digital Officers

Why Attend:

  1. Hear how emerging technologies will impact on the development large population centres
  2. Explore the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the world's urban areas
  3. Gain insights into how to deal with infrastructure and transportation system challenges
  4. See how collaboration between industry, government and academia is solving city problems
  5. Learn how to stimulate economic development through better investment, planning and design
  6. Network with industry decision makers who are working to create the future of our cities


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chairperson: Zachary McClelland, Project Director, VicHyper

2:10 | Case Study: Creating a Connected, Carbon Neutral and Future Proofed City

  • A City connected to an international digital economy and creating knowledge jobs
  • Citizen Centricity, giving our visitors and residents control
  • Information as an asset relating to Carbon Neutral Adelaide
  • Innovation for the future, Adelaide as a living laboratory
  • Connecting people to experiences

Mayor Martin Haese, Lord Mayor, Adelaide City Council

2:30 | Case Study: New York Smart City Initiative

  • What is New York doing to become a safe and sustainable city?
  • How are innovative urban design principals being used around the world
  • Walk through: The Global Street Design guide

Skye Duncan, Global Designing Cities Director, National Association of City Transportation Officials (New York)

2:50 | Research, Design and Development of Spatial Data Infrastructure to Facilitate Features in Smart Cities

  • How can we afford not to have SDI?
  • Protecting and Return on Investment
  • Discover multi source integration and 3D platforms

Professor Abbas Rajabifard, Director, Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, University of Melbourne, and Chair, UN-GGIM Academic Network

Afternoon Tea

3:50 | Delivering on a Vision for Stockholm to Become the Smartest and Most Sustainable City in the World by 2040

  • Creating low energy districts, integrated infrastructures and sustainable urban mobility
  • Collaborating with Barcelona and Cologne to share resources and deliver effective initiatives
  • Producing a sustainable, liveable city with a focus on climate change

Gustaf Landahl, GrowSmarter Coordinator - Head of Department, City of Stockhom

4:10 | Digital Innovations and Disruptive Mobility: Shaping the Future of Urban Transport

  • How digital innovations are changing the urban mobility landscape
  • The role of disruptive technologies within low carbon mobility networks in smart cities
  • The technological, social and economic impacts of autonomous vehicles and disruptive mobility solutions
  • The regulatory challenges that must be overcome before widespread adoption and deployment

Professor Hussein Dia, Associate Professor Transport, Swinburne University of Technology

4:30 | Creating Innovative, Connected and Resilient Cities

  • Realising the opportunity for local governments to position themselves as creators of the connected future
  • Turning cities into living labs will drive the innovations necessary to manage growth, increase efficiency and enhance service delivery
  • Collaborating to create a resilience strategy that brings together councils and governments

Matt Pope, Founder, Space Connect

4:50 | Panel session: Getting Around in 21st Century Cities - Remaking Cities Through Transport Innovation

  • What key outcomes and value do we want to generate through transport innovation?
  • Smart initiatives to decrease congestion, cut costs and improve movement of people and goods
  • Understanding and addressing the challenges in integrating intelligent systems into existing transportation infrastructure

Justin Passaportis, General Manager, GoGet
Omid Ejtemai, Global Director, Business Development, Transport Systems Simulation
Professor Hussein Dia, Associate Professor Transport, Swinburne University of Technology