This stream explores how the proliferation of virtual and augmented reality will affect the way we work, engage with each other and perceive the world around us. Join producers of AR and VR devices, those creating apps and programs and organisations that are implementing AR and VR in their workplaces. Discover tips and tricks to successfully produce software and uncover use cases for AR and VR in your operations.



VR/AR/Mixed Reality Expert & ACS ICT Professional of the Year



Team Lead - Innovation, REA Group



Chief Executive Officer, Plattar



Managing Director, Sentient Computing



Who should attend:

  • CMOs
  • COOs
  • General Manager Content
  • Head of Digital
  • Head of Media Technology
  • Head of Design
  • Head of Engineering
  • Digital Strategy Managers
  • Video Game Programmers
  • Founders
  • Media agency and outlet staff
  • Realtors
  • Retailers
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors

Why Attend:

  1. Learn how augmented reality can be used to monitor, assess and maintain physical assets
  2. Delve into the applications of virtual reality for sales, marketing, tourism and much more
  3. Discover what you need to implement AR and VR solutions in your organisation
  4. Hear what opportunities will arise as AR and VR develop over the next five years
  5. Learn how to integrate 3D virtualisation, geo-location services and mobile apps with AR and VR technology


Chairperson: Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie, VR/AR/Mixed Reality Expert & ACS ICT Professional of the Year

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

11.10 | Think you Know Reality? Think Again!
  • Uncovering applications of AR, VR and Mixed reality for business
  • Exploring training, marketing and entertainment case studies
  • How will AR, VR and Mixed Reality evolve in the next three years?

Dr Kate Raynes-Goldie,VR/AR/Mixed Reality Expert & ACS ICT Professional of the Year

11:30 | Case Study: Using VR & AR in Mining for Training and Safety

  • Assessing cost, safety and time saving
  • Improving asset and equipment visibility
  • Creating efficient remote access of workplaces

Doug Bester, Managing Director, Sentient Computing

11:50 | Case Study: Applications of VR for in Selling
  • Building VR applications for off-site premise inspections
  • The technology and resources needed to build and run the application
  • How has VR improved REA sales?

Luke Chadwick, Team Lead - Innovation, REA Group

12.10 | Relationships between Business and AR - What Does the Future Look Like?
  • How to manage and deploy digitally augmented layers into the real world
  • Creating immersive and interactive experiences that link the digital and physical worlds
  • The Future: Integrating mixed reality and geolocation technology

Rupert Deans, Chief Executive Officer, Plattar

12:30 | Meet the Experts Q&A
  • Ask our speakers for further insight into the projects they have discussed