A deep dive look at data analytics technologies and techniques that are driving organisational intelligence. Learn the difference between available platforms, emerging predictive analytics trends and techniques to analyse disparate data to draw meaningful business outcomes, how to leverage big data and best practice to mitigate security and privacy risks. If you make business decisions within a data-driven organisations, the Analytics stream is for you.


Innovator, Scientist and Technologist



Director Emerging Data & Methods, Australian Bureau of Statistics



Senior Director, Analytics and Information Management, Boeing



CEO and Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre



Who should attend:

  • Data Scientists
  • CTOs
  • Head of Machine Learning
  • Head of Data Engineering
  • Head of Data Analytics
  • Developer

Why Attend:

  1. Learn how to build a Data-Driven organisation
  2. Hear global case studies from a broad cross-section of industries
  3. Understand how to leverage your data to make important business-case decisions
  4. Learn how to develop easily comprehensible analysis outcomes
  5. Gain insight into privacy issues that must be considered when innovating with data
  6. Understand how to bring disparate data sources together to create meaningful conclusions


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Chairperson: Paul Budde, CEO, BuddeComm; Strategic Advisor, Australian Smart Communities Association

2:30 | Identifying and exploiting the keys to digital transformation
  • Explore how companies from TransUnion to Uber use event-driven processing to transform their businesses
  • Integrating operations and analytics to make real-time adjustments to improve revenues, reduce costs, and mitigate risks
  • Realising how the timely delivery of actionable data is both a key enabler and an obstacle in digital transformation

Colman Madden, Senior Data Engineer , MapR Technologies

2:50 | Drawing Data from Disparate Emerging Technologies

  • Where will you be collecting data from in 2020?
  • How can you ensure that you data sets can be analysed together?
  • How to leverage emerging technologies to derive value from your data outcomes
  • Dr Catherine Ball, Innovator, Scientist and Technologist

    3:10 | Innovative and Tailored Solutions Using Data Analytics
    • How to create meaningful data from your existing resources
    • Using data to achieve outstanding business outcomes
    • Case study evidence of best practice techniques

    Dr Ian Oppermann, CEO and Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre

    3:30 | Case Study: How Boeing are Leveraging the Data it Collects from Connected Devices
    • Implementing an effective IoT environment for data collection
    • How is Boeing bringing together disparate data sets for greater business insight?
    • Examples of IoT being used to enhance data analytics at Boeing

    Harish Rao, Senior Director, Analytics and Information Management, Boeing